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Why choose Kingsize Ottoman beds? An Ottoman bed is perfect for those looking for an extra bit of storage space, this practical piece of furniture comes with a built-in storage unit, perfect to store away nearly anything! And with our Kingsize ottoman beds, we combine the space maximizing properties of ottoman beds with all the advantages of a King Size bed. Pros and Cons of Ottoman beds Let us discuss all the elements that come along with purchasing one of our Kingsize Ottoman beds; Pros
  •       Nothing utilizes space efficiently like an ottoman, these beds make use of the space under a mattress that would otherwise be empty and worthless.
  •       Due to their ingenious design, Ottoman beds generally offer about 40% more space than regular storage beds, making them a worthwhile investment in comparison.
  •       Ottomans offer a cleaner bedroom space as they occupy the entire area between the box springs and the floor, this means there's no chance of dust bunnies building up underneath, which is a godsend for those with allergies.
  •       The storage space in ottomans is hidden from plain view, allowing a safe secret space to hide things away from prying eyes, whether it be trespassers or naughty children!
  •       It can be a bit tricky to transport storage beds, so they might not be your cup of tea if you frequently shift apartments.
  •       If not taken care of properly, some homeowners may face hardware problems from time to time such as loose knobs or handles, however this is generally an easy fix.
Are they Easy to Operate? This is a frequently asked question when it comes to ottoman beds and the answer is yes! Ottomans are super easy to open, however how they open depends on the type you choose. It could be hinged from the side allowing the mattress to rise on its side as you open the storage unit, if it is hinged from the headboard, it would rise from the foot of your bed or it can be hinged from the middle of the mattress, meaning it opens up halfway. All you have to do is lift from the appropriate side and voila, your storage space is instantly accessible, it's as convenient as opening a drawer. Are they Child Friendly? They are definitely child friendly and not only do they make a comfortable place to sleep, a Kingsize ottoman is a perfect size for a child's bedroom and the built-in storage it offers is perfect to store away your kids toys or clothes, they'll be protected from dust and it prevents the room from appearing littered and untidy. In Conclusion Kingsize Ottoman beds are the perfect solution for homeowners looking to maximize their storage space while also having a stylish and stunning piece of furniture in place. If you are in the market for a high-quality Kingsize Ottoman bed, don't forget to check out www.sosoftbeds.co.uk. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.   The Glory of Double Ottoman Beds Our Double Ottoman Beds provide abundant storage space while making comfort a priority. Aesthetically crisp and stylish, while astonishingly easy to use due to the simple lifting mechanism, this is the absolute perfect solution for homeowners with a storage issue! What is an Ottoman Bed? The concept of Ottoman beds dates back all the way to the 14th century in the Ottoman empire, these beds include a storage unit right under the mattress which can be accessed by lifting the mattress using a hinged frame which could be on the side, head, or foot of the bed. A homeowner's space management problems can conveniently be solved using this old school method. Why choose a Double Ottoman Bed? Double Ottoman beds are the perfect way to reclaim your room with some hidden storage space that would be nonexistent and wasted with a regular bed! This is the most effective way of organizing your bedroom, you can store anything from clothes to toys to shoes in these babies while still having an ultra-comfortable sleeping space. These beds are especially ideal for bedrooms on the smaller end, smaller rooms tend to get messier faster but with a Double Ottoman, you can get about as much as a wardrobe's worth of space out of nothing! Utilizing every inch of space available makes Double Ottoman beds the king of a practical and cost-effective remedy for a variety of problems you may face in your bedroom. Moreover, Double Ottoman beds allow you to store your things well within reach rather than in some corner, hidden and forgotten about. Your goods will be out of sight until you need them but right at the foot of your bed.  Are They Worth the Price? The interesting part is since a double bed serves as a sleeping space as well as a storage unit, it cuts the cost of buying a separate cabinet or wardrobe (unless you really want one) so you really do get your money's worth out of these. Furthermore, if you or your family members frequently suffer from dust-related allergies or other health problems, this is the best solution. As Ottoman beds tend to take up space from the end of the box spring to the floor, there's no space for dust to gather, dust that would end up irritating your family. So, you might end up avoiding an unnecessary doctor visit or two as well! In Conclusion No one can deny the effectiveness of an ottoman bed, not only will they organize your room for you but they also allow more space to move around too! A Double Ottoman bed is the solution to many problems homeowners commonly face so check out the various designs of Double Ottoman beds we offer. If you're officially in the market for a high-quality and long-lasting Double Ottoman bed then I assure you, you have come to the right place!  

Ottoman beds come in many designs, so you will need to consider the correct one before you make a purchase.

There are 2 types ottoman beds currently in the Market:

  1. Sprung Slatted Version
    These require mattresses with increased bottom support of the mattress, if they don't the spring can bend and turn create un-even surface and potentially injure you in the long term.

2. Platform Top Version

Also known as solid top ottoman divan bed, this type of ottoman bed comes with solid top lids fully upholstered to match the base, all mattress types are suitable with this kind of ottoman.

So soft beds specialise in the Platform Solid Top Version have fun looking through our website

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