Select Your Headboard Fabric


Select Your Headboard Fabric

Select Your Headboard Fabric


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  • Premium Chenille +£0
  • Crush Velvet +£0
  • Premium Linen +£25
  • Ascot +£45
  • Faux Leather +£25
  • Plush Velvet +£35.00
  • Chenille Beige
  • Chenille Charcoal
  • Chenille Light Grey
  • Chenille Cream
  • Chenille Teal
  • Crush Velvet Champaign
  • Crush Velvet Ice Silver
  • Crush Velvet Black
  • Crush Velvet Ivory
  • Crush Velvet Steel
  • Black Chenille
  • Faux Leather Black
  • Faux Leather Brown
  • Faux Leather Grey
  • Faux Leather White
  • Plush Velvet Black
  • Plush Velvet Maroon
  • Plush Velvet Silver
  • Plush Velvet Grey
  • Plush Velvet Steel
  • Plush Velvet Royal Blue
  • Plush Velvet Mustard
  • Plush Velvet Ivory
  • Linen Wheat
  • Linen Teal
  • Linen Sage
  • Linen Copper
  • Linen Black
  • Linen Barley
  • Ascot Beige
  • Ascot Charcoal
  • Ascot Denim
  • Ascot Silver Grey
  • Ascot Teal

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Premium Chenille +£0, Crush Velvet +£0, Premium Linen +£25, Ascot +£45, Faux Leather +£25, Plush Velvet +£35.00


Chenille Beige, Chenille Charcoal, Chenille Light Grey, Chenille Cream, Chenille Teal, Crush Velvet Champaign, Crush Velvet Ice Silver, Crush Velvet Black, Crush Velvet Ivory, Crush Velvet Steel, Black Chenille, Faux Leather Black, Faux Leather Brown, Faux Leather Grey, Faux Leather White, Plush Velvet Black, Plush Velvet Maroon, Plush Velvet Silver, Plush Velvet Grey, Plush Velvet Steel, Plush Velvet Royal Blue, Plush Velvet Mustard, Plush Velvet Ivory, Plush Velvet Baby Pink, Linen Wheat, Linen Teal, Linen Sage, Linen Copper, Linen Black, Linen Barley, Ascot Beige, Ascot Charcoal, Plush Velvet Ice Blue, Ascot Denim, Ascot Silver Grey, Ascot Teal


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