Accessories for an ottoman bed

Accessories for an ottoman bed

Accessories for an ottoman bed

The Ottoman Bed is used to lift up the base of the bed so you can store your things underneath the bed. Assembling the bed is an easy process. All the tools, accessories, and components come in a box. All you need to do is, unpack the box and arrange all the accessories and tools in order. Read all the instructions carefully to ensure the safe operation of the product. All the accessories come in three packs; for gas-lift mechanism, bed assembly, and fitting of the metal slat frame. 

Here is a list of accessories; you need for assembling an ottoman bed.

Board Fixings and Components:

It includes all headboard struts and screws in specific sizes that you need, in order to attach all the boards with each other. It has all the bolts that are specifically designed to screw the panels together. It also includes Flange Lock-Nuts for the gas-lift pistons. To tighten all the bolts, there are flat and spring washers in it as well. 

Cross-head Screwdriver:

A screwdriver is an additional tool required. It is used to tighten or untighten a screw. It is not a necessary tool but is used, if you have placed a screw in a wrong hole. 

Gas Struts:

Ottoman beds use a hinge mechanism to lift up the base. This is done by these gas struts which come in the form of pairs. The strength of these struts usually varies, but it ranges from 300N to 1250N. They lift the bed base to a particular degree. However, it varies depending upon the bed size and the weight of the mattress. 

Mattress Stoppers:

Mattress’s stopper is another important accessory that is designed to be placed at your metal bed frame’s head and foot ends. It comes in a pair and the function is to keep the mattress placed firmly on the metal frame even when the lift mechanism is used.

Fabric Base Cover:

The accessories of the bed also include the fabric base cover. It is placed underneath the bed, once the assembling of the main structure is done. It is placed to make your things dust-free. 

These accessories are used all together to ensure that you have assembled the ottoman bed properly. Make sure while you are assembling the bed, all the accessories are used at the right place. Also, ensure that you fit the barrel nuts in the right direction. 

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