Things To Look For When Buying Ottoman Beds

Things To Look For When Buying Ottoman Beds

Things To Look For When Buying Ottoman Beds

Ottoman bed is an ideal choice for those looking to occupy the floor space with storage solutions. But when choosing the ottoman bed, one should consider certain factors. We will provide you with all the necessary things to look for when buying an ottoman bed. 

How does it open?

The first thing to consider while buying the ottoman bed is the way the bed opens. There are two ways it opens, side lift and end lift. End lift is easy to lift as compared to side lift. While choosing the opening style, you have to consider where your bed position is. If you have placed your bed’s side against the wall because you have a small room, then a side lift is the best option. If the bed is placed straight against the wall in a big room, then an end lift is preferred.

Internal Storage:

The reason we choose ottoman beds is that it provides storage space. And this is the reason it varies in prices. Most of the ottoman beds do not have a floor inside, which means your things will sit on your floor. The divan beds open like an ottoman bed, which has two halves, 4ft in height. Some have floating floors, ensuring that your items are above the ground. And obviously, you should find the storage box’s dimension as well. 

Gas lift Pistons:

Another most important thing to look for when buying an ottoman bed is the piston’s strength. It will tell you how heavy a mattress you can put and how easy it is to lift the bed. The suggested strength of the side lift mechanism is 4x 600n, and for end lift is 4x 800n.

Base Type:

While purchasing the ottoman bed, you should also look for a boarded mattress base. It is the best option because of its long-lasting feature, and it can withhold heavy mattresses. 

Ottoman Designs

Ottoman beds are practical in terms of storage boxes, but they are classy as well. They come in many varieties, with different styles and materials. You also have to consider the fabric and colour of your bed according to your room theme, providing your room a modern touch.

The most popular ones are Divan style and Bedstead ottoman.

Divan Style:

If your room has a cramped space, then the divan ottoman bed style is the preferred one. It is easy to assemble, as it comes in two blocks with pistons already being fitted. They do vary in quality but have a wide range of versatile colours. It is very easy to lift as well as it has a boarded floor, which will keep your storage box safe and dust-free. The base of it is broad enough to fit in your heavy mattress. 

Bedstead Ottoman beds:

This bed style requires a lot of attention, especially when it comes to how it is constructed. It comes with a flat pack, and you have to assemble it yourself. It can have any kind of base, a boarded mattress base, a reinforced sprung slatted, or a basic sprung slatted. The base interior can vary too. So you have to make sure to look for these things. 

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